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Four seasons wellness

Nourishing liver in spring

Spring is the beginning of all things, vigorous, upward, the power to help Yang rise, is the best time to nourish the liver. The liver has the use of laxative, when the body circulation is smooth, can eliminate the cold accumulated in the body in winter, enhance immunity. Spring rain moisture heavy, easy to affect the spleen and stomach, and "spleen and stomach for the acquired", the first digestion function regulation, eat food to improve into nutrients used.

Green into the liver, you can eat more green food, help the liver detoxification, promote liver qi circulation to eliminate fatigue. Using less acid and more sweet way, can avoid liver qi overexuberance, with sweet nourishing spleen to assist liver function.

Summer heart protection

Hot summer heat, easy to have eczema, stomach and other problems, must be moist to relieve the heat. Emotionally easy to be impatient, listless, but also because of the high temperature, blood vessel dilation and aggravated blood circulation, the load on the heart is relatively large, so the first summer to restore the heart, to avoid heart fire and sleep well.

Red into the heart, eat more red food beneficial qi blood, safe and tonic effect, for nutrition, red fruits and vegetables contain lycopene, can enhance antioxidant, cardiovascular protection. It is often heard that summer health should bear hardships, because bitter foods are colder, and the right amount of collocation can clear heat and reduce fire, relieve heat and humidity.

Autumn moistening lung

After autumn, the weather turns cool, the relative humidity of the air decreases, becomes dry and easily deplete Yin, prone to dry skin itching, dry mouth, rhinitis, asthma and other respiratory allergies, these are also known as "autumn dryness" symptoms, autumn health principles will focus on the lung moistening dryness. White into the lungs, white food helps to benefit qi. Qi can nourish Yin moistening dryness, protect the mucous membrane and respiratory system, such as white fungus, lily, pear, yam and other ingredients are a good choice. Usually, in addition to drinking more water and maintaining moisture, too much spicy food is easy to aggravate the symptoms of autumn dryness, and should be reduced to flatten lung qi.

Care for kidney in winter

In winter, all things tend to be static, plants and trees wither, which is a solar term of closure, people should also comply with the hidden Yang, recharge, and keep warm. And the kidney master hidden essence, for the congenital, the root of life, kidney nourishing can make the body full of Qi and blood, often maintain youthful vitality. Black into the kidney, intake of black food can nourish the kidney qi, beneficial metabolism, bone, urinary and reproductive function, common ingredients are black sesame, black beans, hair, kelp and so on. Kidney opening in the ear, into the concept of traditional Chinese medicine to shape complement shape, eating more black fungus also helps to nourish the kidney

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